Why Use a Consultant?

The college admissions process produces much excitement and anxiety for a family. With over 4000 colleges and universities in the United States, knowing where to get information and where to find the answers is often an overwhelming task. Using an expert to guide your search, direct your focus and to provide professional advice will reduce the stress and pressure associated with this experience. Kahn College Consulting provides personal attention and creates an individual plan for the family. The family is presented with a list of appropriate colleges fitting the academic and social needs of the student. These strategies allow the family to maximize the time they dedicate to a productive search and efficient application process. As a result, the family conducts a purposeful and rewarding college search enabling them to spend time enjoying the process together.

Philosophy of Kahn College Consulting

We nurture possibilities through encouraging, inspiring and empowering the student to feel confident and find success during the college search, selection and application process. Our focus is to support the student and their family through this exciting journey and time of discovery.