Comprehensive College Advising Program

The fun begins! The comprehensive advising program provides the student and family ongoing support and assistance through the entire college search and application process.

Phase I: Getting to Know You

Beginning with the review and interpretation of the Soul-Searching Student Survey the student’s strengths, interests, abilities and goals are identified. Parents contribute with their input on the Parent’s Point of View Survey. Understanding these personal traits will provide the framework to develop a college ‘best fit’ list.

Phase II: Building the College List

Once work begins, tips on visiting colleges, researching programs and gathering information will help narrow the student’s options. Personal attention is provided to individualize the application process and college match. Support is provided to keep the student motivated, organized and focused on managing the admissions details and deadlines.

Phase III: Lessons on How to Distinguish Your Application

A student is more than grades, standardized test scores and extracurricular activities. Support in organizing the application and essay development is given to distinguish the student from the crowd of applicants. This will ultimately bring the application to life by revealing the student’s unique and special qualities. It is recommended that the Comprehensive College Advising Program begin the summer before junior year to allow for thorough planning and preparation.

Independent Consulting Services

Hourly consultation services:

  • Essay brainstorming and editing
  • Preparing and assembling applications
  • Customized services for specific needs will be considered

Kahn College Consulting, LLC makes no guarantee regarding admission decisions to specific colleges.